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Drink Recipes for Every Occasion

Jack & Coke Slushie

A cool take on the traditional Jack & Coke. Perfect for summer parties.


  • 12 oz of Coke ice cubes (diet or regular)

  • 8 oz of frozen dark sweet cherries

  • 4 oz of Jack Daniels

  • 6 oz of Coke chilled

  • A Maraschino Cherry on top for garnishing


Step 1

Gather two sets of ice trays and pour 12 ounces of coke into the ice cube trays and place in the freezer until solid.

Step 2

In a blender, add the ingredients: 8 ounces of frozen dark sweet cherries, 4 ounces of Jack Daniels, chilled Coke, and the frozen Coke ice cubes.

Step 3

Pulse in a blender until the concoction is smooth and mixed or at your desired consistency

Step 4

Pour the chilled mixture into glasses, garnish with Maraschino Cherry and serve

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